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You can set up a personal My EBSCOhost account in Discover @ Georgia Southern and the Libraries' EBSCOhost databases, including Academic Search Complete and Business Source Complete. When you create a My EBSCOhost account, you have your own personal area (folder) to collect and store information across sessions. All the items you save to your personal folder remain in your folder until you remove them. Only you can access your EBSCOhost folder. For more on personal folders, see here.

For more, see these instructions:


Set Up Your Personal Account

  1. In Discover @ Georgia Southern or any EBSCOhost database, click Sign In in the right hand corner of the screen.

  2. From the Sign In Screen, click Create one now.

    Folder Sign In Screen

  3. The Create Account Screen appears. Fill in the fields on the Create Account Screen.

    When you create a new My EBSCOhost folder account, or are updating the existing password for your account, you are required to create a strong password.

    As you begin to enter a new value into the password field, the strength indicator will reflect how strong your password is using both color and strength value (red X=weak vs. green checkmark=strong).

    When your password meets the requirements, the indicator displays that your password is strong and you can retype the password in the next field to confirm it.

    Create New Account Fields

  4. Check the box to consent to EBSCO's Personal Data Retention and Usage policy.

    You can read the Personal Data Retention and Usage policy by clicking the link. If you opt to not consent to the policy, you will be unable to continue creating an account.

    Personal Data Retention and Usage check box and link

  5. When you have completed filling out your information, click Continue.

  6. If your information was accepted, a message appears that confirms your account has been created. To log into your account, click the Click here link and provide your login credentials. You should note the username and password you created so you can log in at a future session.

Note: When signing in to My ESBSCOhost with your credentials, enter the username you created or your email address if you opted to use that as your username.

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Recover Your Account Username

For security reasons, if you misplace or forget your My ESBSCOhost account username, you will not be able to recover your username from the account Sign In screen. To recover your username, do one of the following:

  • Go to, click Contact Support in the upper right-hand corner, complete the support form, and click Submit to request that EBSCO provide you with your account username. In your request, provide your full name and the email with which you originally created your account.


  • Chat with librarian, or contact the Research Services Desk at the Zach S. Henderson Library (912-478-5645) or the Reference Desk at the Lane Library (912-344-3026) to request that the a librarian contact EBSCO on your behalf to obtain your account username.

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Reset Your Account Password

  1. Click Sign In in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

  2. From the Sign In Screen, click Forgot your password? The Reset Password screen appears.

    Forgot Password link on Sign In screen

  3. In the Email or Username field:

    • If you created a username: Enter the username and click Reset.

    • If you used your email address as your username: Enter your email address and click Reset.

  4. Answer the secret question and click Continue.

  5. Create a new strong password and click Continue.

  6. Click the Sign In link to sign into your My EBSCOhost folder account.

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Update Your Account

  1. Sign in to your personal My EBSCOhost folder by clicking Sign In in the upper right hand corner the interface screen.

  2. Click the Update My Account link found in the personalized toolbar at the top of the screen

    Update My Account link

    A Sign In screen opens in a new window or browser tab.

  3. Re-enter your personal folder login information to confirm your identity and click Sign In.

  4. Click the Edit button for the information you would like to update - such as to change your e-mail address. Enter the updated information and click Save.

    Note: You cannot change your Username.

  5. Close the Update my account window or tab when you are finished updating your information.

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Request Personal Information or Remove Your Account

From the My EBSCOhost Personal Data Retention and Usage screen, you can request a report of your personal data collected within the last twelve months as well as remove your data which also removes your account.

To access the Personal Data Retention and Usage screen:

  1. Sign in to your My EBSCOhost account.

  2. Click the Update My Account link in the top toolbar.

  3. Re-enter your personal folder login information to confirm your identity and click Sign In.

  4. Click the Personal Data Retention and Usage link at the bottom of the screen.

    Privacy Policy link

From the Personal Data Retention and Usage screen, you can:

  • Review EBSCO's Personal Data Retention and Usage policy and how it pertains to your personal data.

  • Request a report of your personal data collected in the past 12 months by clicking the Request report button.

    request report button

    Note: Reports take between 15-60 minutes to be generated and are available from this screen when they are ready.

  • Permanently remove your data and delete your My EBSCOhost account by clicking the Remove my data button and then confirming you wish to delete your account.


    Please note, the following is permanently removed and cannot be retrieved after you click Delete My Account:

    • Your browsing history, search history and saved searches
    • Personal folders and their contents
    • Your account will be removed

After your account and personal data have been removed from EBSCO, you can set up a new account at any time using the same email address you used previously.


  • When you set up a personal account, we ask for your name, e-mail address, a unique login name, password, and password validation. This information is only used to identify you at log in so your searches are not viewed or used by anyone else. We do not share this information.

  • When setting up a personal account in EBSCO's Point-of-Care Reference Center interfaces (Nursing Reference Center, Patient Education Reference Center, Rehabilitation Reference Center), the screen will look slightly different than the example screenshots below. However, the steps to create an account are the same.

  • Items in your personal folder will automatically be discarded if you have not logged into the folder for an 18 month period. The exception to this policy is Page Composer. The web pages that you create in Page Composer and save to your personal folder are saved indefinitely.

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For additional help, Ask Us!

  • Zach S. Henderson Library: Contact the Research Services Desk at 912-478-5645.
  • Lane Library: Contact the Reference Desk at 912-344-3026.